1 on 1 Personal Training (C.G.P.T)

$60 – $100 per hour


Corenetic Gym 1 on 1 Personal training is one of its kind, highly advanced with the most innovate exercise routines. Constant changing sets 100% customized for clients level of fitness, attaining True results, never overwhelming, avoiding and healing the body from injuries. The complete program is designed around your lifestyle, to create a exercise routine with purpose. Receive dramatic increase in all round performance 100% Guaranteed!

3 Levels to excel your performance, and 3 separate physical exams.
CG1 (White/Core)
CG2 (Black/Body)
CG3 (Red/Power)
T-shirts are available by level of exam member has passed.


  • 1 on 1 training with Andy Jang (Owner)
  • Receive Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching – (P.N.F)
  • Systematic program designed to develop all 5 elements of your body – We build the body outward, starting from your Core. Focusing on strengthening weak areas and turning up your strengths, balancing out your kinetic chain.
  • Dramatic increase in all round Speed, Strength, Power, and Mental health!
  • Market walk thru
  • 1 time Grocery shopping service
  • Detox Package (Psyllium husk & Kombucha and instructions included)
  • Complete custom meal plan
  • Constant changing sets
  • Exercises designed specifically for clients goals
  • Complete access to “The Core program.”
  • 100% results guaranteed