Andy Jang



Manager, Trainer

About Andrew Jang

Andy Born in Los Angeles, raised in Harbor city and moved to Irvine, California. The transition was interesting, helpful, and a journey I am so thankful for. I’ve traveled all over the world been to Asia, most of Europe, Africa, and more! I am very blessed in having experienced meeting so many different cultures and great friends along the way. So with all that said I also grew up on the american diet. Which is a lot of meat, potatoes, milk, eggs, bread and fast food.

At 5’8 I weighed 220 lbs+, my cholesterol was over 400+, and I was only 27. if i didn’t do anything drastic about it, I was going to have some unpleasant health issues at a very young age. I started skateboarding and surfing when I was 8 years old, and eventually played high school sports like baseball, football, and wrestling. My doctor recommended I take medication for my cholesterol of course, and I refused of course. Having a background in sports I thought I knew how to solve the issue alone, but little did i know, I had no idea what to do. It took me over 10 years of searching and seeking for the truth behind exercise and nutrition, experimenting on different diets, studied many different theories of exercise, found the answers and also found purpose in my training routine.

I am now 160 lbs, N.A.S.M certified, 42 years old, my cholesterol is at very healthy levels, I do not diet, with my Body-fat averaging 14-16 %. I feel better than ever and I am able to do all the things I love to do even better than before! Everything that I learned, I have learned for myself, to better myself in every way possible, mentally and physically. Now I want to show you how to get there without taking 10 years, the knowledge is crucial and helpful, a guide is vital to your true success.

This program is 100% necessary to those who are trying to lose weight without getting injured, no fad diets and overwhelming workouts, but instead for those who believe more in a systematic approach, meaning nothing happens overnight and anything worth having takes work to achieve. This is NOT a sprint, but a step-by-step journey to build your body to feel, perform and look your best.